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Chronicle of the Old West

"Women of the Old West"

“Women of the Old West” is the stories of fifteen women who were extraordinary in a time when women were traditionally relegated to taking care of a home, teaching or working as a soiled dove in a saloon. Although, during hard times some may have worked as a soiled dove, during their lifetime they helped change the face of the West and womanhood.

You will be familiar with some of the women…others you have never heard about. But, their story is just as interesting as those women who are famous today.

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the Warden’s Wife
Calamity Jane – The Legend
So, That’s Why He Limped!

Women of the Old West

Women of the Old West

Poker Was Her Name
Kidnapped Twice
Women Grew Mustaches Also!
The First Feminist
A Way to Make It in a Man’s World
Talk About Your Shootest!
A “Bandit Queen”?
She Was Strong, but Not Silent

How to Play
The Press

One Classy Woman

The First PR Campaign

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  • Lawmen of the Old West
  • Inventions and Discoveries of the Old West

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