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Randy Leidy"I have been a student of the Old West for most of my life, and I am really pleased with all the items in the Ultimate Old West Package. The articles in the newspaper are great, but my favorites are the CD’s narrated by Dakota.

I have read about a lot of the events narrated on the CD’s, but hearing the stories out loud really helps to bring the Old West to life.

The blue coffee cup even matches the set of blue metal dishes that I have on my dining room table."
...Randy Leidy - North Charleston, SC

Carl Owens"The 'Ultimate Old West' package put together by Dakota Livesay will provide you and your family with seemingly endless hours of entertainment, and quality information.

I've had mine for almost a month, and I feel I've barely scratched the surface of all that the package has to offer. You’ll find yourself at times mesmerized, surprised, laughing, and downright proud that you own this package.

You'll learn things you've never heard of, find out some of the things you thought you knew were wrong, and enjoy every second of the whole process.

I recommend this package to anyone even remotely interested in the Old West.
In addition, if you're an old West aficionado, let's just say, "you'll be in 'Hog Heaven' ".
....Carl Owens - Waco, Texas

Les Freeman"I want to thank you for the Ultimate Old West Package.

With this being the main vacation period in New Zealand (Mid summer) I have been able to laze away vacation time listening to the CD’s.

Each and every one has been a gem to listen to, and the tin coffee cup has been put to use and has attracted some fine comments.

You can be assured that I will be eagerly awaiting more packages that you have in production."
....Les Freeman - Whangarei, New Zealand

I'm Dakota Livesay the publisher of the Chronicle of the Old West the newspaper, narrator of Chronicle of the Old West the daily radio show, and host of the hour-long weekly show, Chronicle of the Old West Weekly Edition.

My objective is to educate people about the Old West in an entertaining way. Our hope is that you'll be inspired to learn more about a time that was very important to the development of America...a time of great contradictions. It was an age when men had high standards in dealing with each other. Yet, it was also a time when some of the harshest crudities to our fellow man took place. We look at the Old West, as it really was, warts and all.

We put this Ultimate Old West Package Together Just for
the Ultimate Old West Enthusiast……

What People Are Saying About Chronicle of the Old West

Yes, Rush the Old West Package to my door!


Yes, Rush the Old West Package to my door!


  • Athough tradition says that Colt’s 45 tamed the Old West, in reality it was a petticoat.
  • The stories include well-known women such as Calamity Jane & Belle Starr. But the most intriguing stories are about women whose story is seldom told…Ella Watson, Molly Brennan, Elizabeth Johnson, Larcena Page & Mrs Woodhurst.
  • Men are always saying they wish they had been born during the Old West. Women seldom do. After you listen to these stories you’ll understand why.
  • These are Women who are as strong as, or stronger than any Man.


  • These two CD’s are jam packed with true Old West stories about the likes of Old West legends such as Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Warren Earp, Charles Siringo, Wild Bill Hickok, Butch Cassidy and George Armstrong Custer.

  • There’s the story of how one wrong word in an Indian treaty caused the death of hundreds of people. Then there’s Warren Earp, Wyatt’s youngest brother who brought a knife to a gun fight.
  • Also included is the story of the Rufus Buck Gang who went on a 13-day crime spree outdoing any other gang in the Old West.

Yes, Rush the Old West Package to my door!

  • A conversation with Bill O’Neal about how our Country’s 300 years of frontiers have made us the great Country we are today. They also talk about the need for that “Frontier Ethic” today.
  • Storyteller Madison Walker not only assumes the characters in his stories, he involves the audience. Madison tells us the story of Black U. S. Deputy Marshall Bass Reeves.
  • Again Bill O’Neal is called upon. This time he separates fact from fiction when it comes to the O.K. Corral Shootout.


OK so here’s everything you will get
in your
“Ultimate Old West Package”

  Item #1

12 Month Subscription to
Chronicle of the Old West

$ 30.00 Retail Value  
Item #2

2ea. Archival Issues of
Chronicle of the Old West

$ 7.00 Retail Value
Item #3

Gunfights of the Old West

$ 11.95 Retail Value
Item #4

Women of the Old West

$ 11.95 Retail Value
Item #5

44 Short Stories from the
Old West

$ 25.00 Retail Value
Item #6

Campfire Talks w/
Dakota Livesay

$ 15.00 Retail Value
Item #7

Chronicle of the Old West
Tin Coffee Cup

$ 10.00 Retail Value

Yes, Rush the Old West Package to my door!

Why are we offering this Ultimate Old West Package?
The Old West is unique to the United States, and the code of ethics developed during this time has contributed to the greatness of our nation.

Whether we live in the North, South, East or West, during this time when we're encouraged to be "citizens of the world", it's essential that we learn about this uniqueness and celebrate it.

So until we meet again. May God always be at your side.

P.S. This is a limited offer. We've only assembled enough items for 400 packages. Don't miss out on this one.

P.P.S. Why 400 packages? Some of the items in this package have limited quantities. So, the offer is also limited. When they're gone, the offer's gone.

P.P.P.S. Remember, we're giving a 30 day money back guarantee.
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