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The December 2012 line-up: Studebaker

Elfego Baca – Although you have probably never heard of him, Elfego had more grit than the Old West’s most famous heroes.

John Abernathy – Talk about guts…John would catch wolves live by jamming his hand in their mouths.  But, that’s the least of his accomplishments.

Monroe Doctrine – Two speeches delivered 22 years apart, to the day, developed the policy of “manifest Destiny.”

Train-Ox Cart Race – We think of a train being a fast mode of transportation.  In this story, an Ox Cart beat a train.

Grange Organized – Feeling they were charged too much, farmers got together and formed one of the most powerful organizations of the 1800’s.

Albert Jennings Fountain – Newspaper reporters go to dangerous places to follow the news.  Fountain found himself in such a dangerous place, that he had to become a woman to get out.

Ben Thompson – Even though Austin, Texas knew they were hiring a less than stellar man as town marshal, Ben was just more than they could handle.

Women’s Suffrage – At the beginning of 1869 women could not vote nor hold political office.  But that was changed by the least likely state…Wyoming.

Chief Colorow – Colorow successfully used intimidation and psychological warfare to keep whites out of the central Rocky Mountains.

James Greathouse – Known as “Whiskey Jim” Greathouse sold and consumed more than his share of whiskey.  He also did some rustling, until he took the wrong man’s cattle.

Sitting Bull – A man of special abilities as a leader and organizer, he started out with the name, Slow.

Doc Holliday’s Life Saved – In this instance Doc Holliday’s life was saved not by a pistol or a knife, but a match.

How It Feels To Be Scalped – Here are the actual words of a man who survived scalping.  The conclusion will amuse you.

John Phillips Ride – This is the story of a man and horse enduring devastating weather and wild Sioux to save a beleaguered garrison.

John Chisum – A cattleman who was in the midst of the Lincoln County War, but his involvement wasn’t that clear.

Christmas With Ben Thompson – In the Old West everyone didn’t spend Christmas at home with their family.  For Ben Thompson it was just another opportunity to drink and kill.

John Wesley Hardin’s Christmas – Unlike the previous story, Hardin’s Christmas was one of drinking, gambling and death.

Charles Bowdre – Bowdre had a hard time making up his mind whether he wanted to be an outlaw or a family man and rancher.  He made the wrong decision.

Doniphan’s Thousand – Although the professional soldiers got the credit for victory in the Mexican War, this rag-tag group of men assured it.

Sam Houston – Although Houston was the very spirit of Texas’ independence, he died a rejected man.

Studebaker Vehicles – Classic car collectors are familiar with the Studebaker automobiles.  But, the Studebaker brothers were making vehicles back in 1852. (The picture above is of a Studebaker.)

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