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The November 2014 line-up:

Black Bart
Black Bart

BIG NOSE KATE – Known as the girlfriend of Doc Holliday, Mary Katherine Harony led an interesting life with and without Doc.

BLACK BART I & II – Black Bart, also known as the "Poet Bandit", was one of the Old West’s most unique stage robbers.

TETON JACKSON – A horse thief who store horses, not one or two at a time, but by the hundreds. But, like many outlaws, after spending time in jail he went down the straight and narrow.

DANIEL STEEL KILLED – We’ve all had a bad meal at a restaurant. I doubt that any of us have done what Jack Carr did because of a bad meal. He killed the restaurant owner

BILL DUNN – Never a man to let friendship stand in the way of money, Bill and one of his brothers killed two friends because they had a $5,000 reward on their heads.

BUTCH & SUNDERANCE FINAL SHOOTOUT – Just how did Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid actually die? Was it in Bolivia, or of old age back here in the States?

DAN CLIFTON – As a member of Bill Doolin’s gang, Dan, also known as “Dynamite Dick”, went out of this world with a bang.

RENDEZVOUS – William Ashley decided to take supplies to the mountain men rather than have them come to St. Louis. What he started was a tradition unlike anything we’ve seen since.

NATHANIEL REED – The story of an outlaw from Arkansas living in Oklahoma with the nickname of “Texas Jack” who found he could make more money telling stories of his outlaw life than when he lived it.

JOSEPH WALKER – One of the lesser-known mountain men who came across the giant sequoias of Yosemite Valley.

CHARLES STANTON – The story of a man who started with nothing, and became the most influential man in the area. Unfortunately, he didn’t do it legally.

INDEX NEWSPAPER – Frontier newspapers were unique. But none was as unique as the Index Newspaper with its 25 different locations.

WILLIAM BECKNELL – A trader in the early Southwest, Becknell was around at the time Mexico defeated Spain, and ended up discovering the famous Santa Fe Trail.

AUGUSTINE CHACON – Although he was a cold-blooded killer, Augustine did face his final day on this earth as a man.

TEXAS RANGERS – Formed to protect the borders of Texas, they were so successful that eventually they became the official law enforcement agency of Texas.

LITTLE BIG HORN RETALIATIONS – In less than five months after the Little Big Horn, retaliations started with the attack of Chief Dull Knife’s village.

MONTANA LYNCH LAW – Montana was known for its lynching. Helena had one in 1877 that was well documented.

THE DIAMOND HOAX – At the time of the California gold rush there were a number of get-rich-quick hoaxes. But none better than the one put together by two Kentucky cousins.

LINDSEY APPLEGATE – One of the good Indian Agents, Applegate tried to get two rival tribes to live together. But it wasn’t to be.

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