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The October 2012 line-up: Wild Bill Hickok

Hickok Shoots Deputy – The most regrettable and last person Wild Bill Hickok killed was his own friend and deputy.

Frank James Surrenders – Outlaw Frank James surrendered after his brother was killed.  The outcome wasn’t what you would expect.  But it went according to plan.

Reno Gang – The “not so well known” Reno gang were the first ones to start the Old West tradition of robbing trains.  But, like most gangs, their story ends at the end of the rope.

First Express Service – The origin of Wells-Fargo was actually an idea rejected by another express service.

Satanta – One of the Kiowa’s greatest chiefs who regularly had conflicts with the army, and finally, not wishing to spend the rest of his life in jail, tried to fly away.

Texas Annexed – Over the years the United States has had many opportunities to be an imperialist nation and annex other countries; back in 1845 we actually did that.

Wild Bill Longley – It took three attempts at hanging to end the existence of Wild Bill.  And, there’s even the question if the third one took.

Texas Rangers Formed – In 1835 rebels revolting against their mother country formed a group of armed and mounted men to protect the borders.  That group is still in existence.

Steve Long – Sometimes lawmen abused their authority.  Long did it in aces; killing people just because they argued with him.  But, the town took their revenge in the end.

Cornelius Donahue – An eastern college graduate who went out west, Cornelius became outlaw “Lame Johnny” who has a monument to his life in the Black Hills of the Dakotas even today.

Cassius Hollister – Lawmen hate to be called on a family disturbance.  Deputy U. S. Marshall Hollister got called on one to many.

Sutro Tunnel – Adolph Sutro found a way to get silver out of Comstock mines in Nevada, and although he wasn’t a miner, he made good money doing it.

Medicine Lodge Treaty – When the area of Oklahoma, designated for Indians, became attractive to white men, it was necessary to come up with another treaty.  And, like most of the others, it wasn’t honored.

Lost Dutchman Mine – Jacob Waltz was either the world’s greatest prankster or the world’s greatest secret keeper.  It’s a question thousands of people have tried to discover.

Bat Masterson – Bat Masterson, one of the Old West’s greatest lawmen, when he died wasn’t in the west, nor was he a lawman.

Transcontinental Railroad Route – Although everyone agreed on the need for a transcontinental railroad, the route was in question.  The deadlock was broken as the result of an event some 30 years after the need was realized.

 O. K. Corral I, II, III – The true story behind the O. K. Corral shootout…the causes, the shootout itself and the aftermath.

“Bloody” Bill Anderson – The Civil War resulted in a lot of inhumanity to fellow man, and Bloody Bill contributed more than his share. (The picture above is Bill Anderson.)

Barbed Wire – This product, developed by a man in Illinois, was responsible for changing the face of the West, and make the cowboy a farm hand.

Curly Bill Kills White – Curly Bill Brocius killed Tombstone Marshal Fred White in front of a number of witnesses, including Wyatt Earp.  But, he was found innocent.  Just why?

California Joe – California Joe became George Custer’s chief of scouts one day and was fired the next.

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