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The August 2014 line-up:

James Birch

JOHN BAYLOR – Baylor spent his life hating Indians.  Unfortunately, many times he was in a position of authority over them.

THE HAYFIELD FIGHT – One of the first battles against Indians where the troopers and whites had repeating rifles.

WILD BILL HICKOK KILLED I & II – Always setting with his back to the wall when he played poker, Wild Bill changed his seating arrangement, and paid the ultimate price.

MILLER KILLS COLLINS – While arresting Port Pruitt, a prominent citizen, Marshall Ben Collins crippled Port.  So Port hired Killin’ Jim Miller to do in Ben.  Mysteriously nothing happened to Port or Jim Miller.

JIM CLARK – Jim’s story is that of an outlaw turned lawman.  But, that transition wasn’t complete, and Jim paid the price.

ZIP WYATT – Here’s a small-time outlaw, who at one time seemed to have every lawman in Oklahoma on his trail.

HERNANDEZ FAMILY – Gruesome murders happened in the Old West.  But, the big difference is the response to those murders.

GEORGE DAVIDSON – When George was in Alaska a total eclipse took place.  It saved his life.

BATTLE OF RATTLESNAKE SPRINGS – A battle that seemed insignificant at the time, turned out to be the beginning of the end of the Indian threat in West Texas.

TOM HODGES – Dr. Hodges decided to come to California to work the gold fields.  It didn’t work out, so he became outlaw Tom Bell.

JOHN CHILDERS – A lot of people were lynched in the Old West, but, whether legally or illegally, no one left this world in the style that John Childers did.

JOHN MORCO – John did a lot of drinking.  And it seems that when he drank, he angered people, which often resulted in gun play.

DENTIST CLAY ALLISON – Few men of the Old West have greater stories told about them than Clay Allison has.

JIM TALBOT – In the Old West men changed their names at the drop of a hat.  But changing your name won’t change your fate.

STAGECOACH ROBBERY PHOTOGRAPHED – This is the story of the first recorded photograph of a crime in progress.

JAMES BIRCH – Everyone who came to the gold fields didn’t become wealthy panning gold.  As with James Birch, some became wealthy taking care of the needs of those who panned gold.

ED CRAWFORD – Old West lawmen were either fired by the mayor or fired upon by the outlaws.  Both happened to Ed Crawford.

WILLIAM JOHNSON – In-laws can sometimes be a pain.  But, none was as bad as those of William Johnson.

CHARLES BRYANT – Bryant wished to be killed in one heck of a minute of action.  And, he got his wish.

CIBECUE MASSACRE – With the Apache on reservations, it seemed that the wars were over, that is, until the Prophet started promoting his dance.

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