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The August 2012 line-up: The Buck Gang

CALAMITY JANE – Martha Canary had the ability to spin a tall yarn.  But one thing was for sure, she also had the ability to be the center of attraction.

WAGON BOX FIGHT – This was one of the few times that Red Cloud made a mistake in battle.  The mistake was that his opponents had breech-loading Springfield rifles.

NEEL MOWRY ENDURANCE RACE – Horseracing and the required betting was big in the Old West.  However, when Neel raced, the bets we on him and not the horse.

HERNANDEZ FAMILY – Gruesome murders happened in the Old West.  But, the big difference is the response to those murders.

GEORGE DAVIDSON – When George was in Alaska a total eclipse took place.  It saved his life.

FLORENCE STAGE ROBBERY I & II – There were thousands of stage robberies in the Old West, but for just plain stupidly, there was none that matched the outlaws in this robbery.

BIDDY MASON – Overcoming obstacles was a trait of people who came out west.  But, no on overcame more serious obstacles than Biddy Mason.

JOAQUIN MURIETA I & II – The story of California’s most famous outlaw is much like many other Old West outlaw stories, it’s hard to separate the fact from fiction.

TOM HODGES – Dr. Hodges decided to come to California to work the gold fields.  It didn’t work out, so he became outlaw Tom Bell.

GUADALUPE PASS AMBUSH – The story of the death of Newman Clanton, the head of the Clanton gang of cowboys.

JOHN CHILDERS – A lot of people were lynched in the Old West, but, whether legally or illegally, no one left this world in the style that John Childers did.

THOMPSON-STERLING SHOOTOUT – Sometimes, when liquor is flowing freely and boredom reigns, friends turn on friends.

JAYBIRD-WOODPECKER WAR – Here is a Texas political war where it was difficult to determine who were the Republicans and the Democrats, because they kept impersonating the other party.

JAMES BIRCH – Everyone who came to the gold fields didn’t become wealthy panning gold.  As with James Birch, some became wealthy taking care of the needs of those who panned gold.

NEWTON, KANSAS MASSACRE – An Old West saying says that a man should kill his own snakes.  In Newton, Kansas a number of snakes were killed.

ED CRAWFORD – Old West lawmen were either fired by the mayor or fired upon by the outlaws.  Both happened to Ed Crawford.

WILLIAM ARNETT – Arnett’s fate was that of most horse thieves.  But he was buried with a couple of unusual items.

WILLIAM JOHNSON – In-laws can sometimes be a pain.  But, none was as bad as those of William Johnson.

WOMEN DUEL – Although many shootouts were caused by a woman, this one was caused by a man.

ELIZABETH ANN CLIFTON – Truly, it took strong women to survive in the Old West.  And, Elizabeth Ann was as strong as they came.

THREE LEAVE EXPEDITION – Here is a story to remember the next time you want to quit before the job is done.

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