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The July 2012 line-up: The Buck Gang

SOLDIERS DESERT THE ARMY – Within 18 months of July 1, 1848, so many soldiers of the army in Northern California desert that it is no longer effective.  The desertions were caused by one word…gold.

FRONTIER NEWSPAPERS – Frontier newspapers had a far broader use than just dispensing the news to the people of the frontier.

CLAY ALLISON – Clay Allison was probably the first victim of drunk driving.  But then, he was first in many things.

BEE'S TELEGRAPH – Although Congress authorized the construction of the transcendental telegraph in 1860, the actual construction started two years earlier.

GEORGE WARREN – There are those people who like to bet the horses.  But how many loose $20 million on one race?

MARK TWAIN – You probably didn’t know it, but Mark Twain was an Old West reporter.  And, were it not for his experience in the west, he very well would not be known today.

HURRICANE BILL – Hurricane Bill was a “happy-go-lucky frontier rollicker.”  And destruction followed in his path.

JUAN BIDENO – When a tough man meets up with a TOUGH man, as in the case of this story, the TOUGH man usually wins.

JEFF SMITH KILLED – Jeff Smith was a conman who knew every way to separate a man from his money, including at the point of a gun.

ALEXANDER TODD – Alexander went to California to work the gold fields.  Once there he discovered much easier ways to gain wealth.

JOHN WILLIAM POE – John Poe had a chance to gain fame for killing Billy the Kid.  But the opportunity passed him by like a ghost in the night.

DAVID NEAGLE – David discovered when involved in a polarizing situation, to take a neutral position can only mean being attacked by both sides.

BUTCH CASSIDY JAILED – Quite often, it seems the authorities were less concerned about someone committing crime, than they were that crime wasn’t committed in their region.  At least that was true with this story.

WILD BILL SHOOTS SOLDIERS – For most people the facts of Wild Bill’s confrontation with two soldiers would be sufficient.  But not for Wild Bill.

RATTLESNAKE DICK – If ever there was a man pushed into a life of crime it was Dick Barter.

DAVE TUTT – Dave Tutt and Will Bill Hickok had more than one confrontation.  The last one involved women.  And Wild Bill came out on top.

ELLA WATSON – In one of the first public relations campaign, homely prostitute Ella Watson became outlaw Cattle Kate.

OWEN WISTER – Although Owen couldn’t be called an “Old West person”, he was very instrumental in how we look at the Old West today.

BUNTLINE MEETS BUFFALO BILL – The story of how a dime novel author teamed up with a young scout to create Buffalo Bill Cody.

THE BUCK GANG – Rufus Buck boasted, “That his outfit would make a record that would sweep all the other gangs of the territory into insignificance.”  And he did. (The picture above is of the Buck Gang.)

CHIEF POCATELLO – Although Chief Pocatello, like most other chiefs, tried his best to protect his Shoshone tribe, in the end they ended up on a reservation.

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