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The June 2012 line-up: The finishing of the Transcontinental Railroad

JOHN HARDEN IN ABILENE – When John Wesley Harden arrived in Abilene, Kansas, this deadliest of pistoleroes was number two in that town.  This story of what happened is intriguing.

IKE CLANTON – Although Ike took over the business after the death of his father, he just didn’t have the grit of his father.

CHARLES MCINTYRE – Even though Charles was just a bystander at a shooting, he ended up being one of the people lynched by a vigilante committee.  The reason may have had nothing to do with the shooting.

WILLIAM HENDERSON – Henderson was an outlaw who operated in the Indian Territory with impunity by traveling back and forth between jurisdictions.  But, vigilantes put a stop to his actions.

FLEMMING PARKER – For almost a year and a half Fleming Parker was regularly arrested and then broke out of jail until he was finally transported “from the environment of this earth into the great unknown.”

83 HOUR TRAIN SERVICE – When the transcontinental railroad was completed it took just 83 hours to go from New York to San Francisco.  But, for some passengers it could take ten or more days.

JIM MURPHY – Jim set up fellow gang member, Sam Bass, who was killed.  He spent the rest of his short life hiding from the other gang members, finally committing suicide.

COCHISE DIES – Cochise spent years attacking the Anglos in the Southwest, after being accused of a kidnapping that after his death was proven that he didn’t do.

CAMP GRANT MASSACRE – The story of how a young girl miles away saved the lives of six Apache babies.

ROBERT FORD – Although Robert killed a famous outlaw, it not only didn’t make him a hero, it made him an outcast.

MORMON HANDCART COMPANY – It took resolute people to move west.  But there were no more resolute people than those who pulled handcarts to get there.

GEORGE FLATT – Things moved fast in the Old West.  One day George is a hero.  The next day he’s a dead bum.

JOE MEEK – Mountain men were known for their ability to tell tall tales.  Joe Meek was also known for his integrity.

JIM CRANE – As today, if you mess with a gang member, in the Old West, the other gang members may just come after you.

MARTIN SWEENY – Although the movies show men engaged in face-to-face shootouts, actual gun deaths were usually the way it happened to Martin Sweeny.

CRAWFORD GOLDSBY – There are those who say a name makes a man.  When Crawford Goldsby changed his name, it sure made him different.

LITTLE BIG HORN I & II – Over the years, George Armstrong Custer has been thought of as a great military hero and a fool.  Could he have been both?

BATTLE OF ADOBE WALLS – Many times medicine men were an inspiration in leading their braves into battle.  Medicine man Isatai’s inspiration ended up being tragic.

ABEL HEAD PIERCE – Abel Pierce was a cowboy from Rhode Island who’s name didn’t impress anyone.  But when he became Shanghai Pierce, things changed.

TEXAS RANGER FRANK JONES – Frank Jones probably symbolizes the image of the Texas Rangers as well as any man who served in their ranks.

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