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The May 2012 line-up: Old West Poker Game

TOMBSTONE EPITAPH I & II – John Clum founded the Tombstone Epitaph that, prior to and following the O.K. Corral, supported the Earps.  And, Clum’s fate was the same as the Earps after the shootout.

PIERCE & “BITTER CREEK” KILLED – An illustration of how outlaws need to keep an eye on their friends as well as their enemies.

CHARLIE LAZURE – Although Charlie wasn’t really a bad man, he was evidentially bad enough to get the nickname of “Rattlesnake Dick.”

ISAAC PARKER I, II & III – The story of how Isaac Parker became federal judge in the Indian Territory and eventually was known as “The Hanging Judge.”

NEWSPAPERS REPORT GOLD DISCOVERY – The two newspapers that first reported the California gold strike only did so for a few weeks.  You’ll be amused to find out why.

THE GREAT REPUBLIC – A story that illustrates the Biblical principal of casting your bread upon the water.

GEORGE MALEDON – An associate of “Hanging Judge” Isaac Parker who made his nickname possible.  Maledon was Parker’s hangman.

WIND WAGON – Samuel Peppard didn’t let his not having horses or oxen hamper him from traveling out west in his wagon.  He used a resource in abundance in the Kansas Territory.

JAMES REAVIS – Reavis was without a doubt one of the greatest con men of the Old West.  You’ll enjoy his biggest scam.

POKER FOR CATTLE – No penny-ante poker here.  In place chips, cattle was placed on the table with winner take all. (Picture is of an Old West poker game.)

MORSE-SOTO SHOOTOUT – Was there a Superman in the 1800s?  When you’re done with this story, you may think his name was Harry Morse.

STAGECOACH TREASURE – Another story of lost treasure found.  But the finder died before he could tell anyone where it is.

WILLIAM SUBLETTE – Most mountain men wanted to stay away from people.  Sublette was different.  He was an organizer and a businessperson.

PIONEER MARRIAGE – Bethenia Owens marriage turned from bad to awful.  But it was what she did afterward that is the story.

SECOND VIGILANTE COMMITTEE – We’re familiar with the vigilante committee that was formed at the time of the gold rush.  But, there was another that was formed in 1856.

JIM BAKER – Although he wasn’t as well known as some other mountain men, Baker was a chip off the old block.

JESSE TYLER – Jesse was a lawman in Utah who, unfortunately, got caught up in political correctness, and it caught him his life.

BOB LEATHERWOOD – Leatherwood accomplished a lot around the area of Tucson, Arizona Territory.  But, he had to admit that the one he was most famous for happened as the result of an accident.

CHARLES CORA – Cora was just waiting to be released from jail when he was joined by James Casey.  From there things went downhill, all the way to the hangman’s noose.

ZWING HUNT – In the Old West, many an innocent person fell in with bad company.  Hunt’s story was a typical one, until his end, that is.

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