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The April 2012 line-up: Peter Lassen

JOHN WEBB – While in jail for murder, John refused to be broken out of jail…that is the first time it was offered, not the second time.

ESTHER MORRIS – Although Esther has been celebrated as an early women’s movement hero, she was in no way radical.

PONY EXPRESS – The Pony Express, one of the Old West’s most romantic organizations, lasted only about a year and a half.

BLAZER’S MILL SHOOTOUT – During the Lincoln County War, a gang of 13 Regulators, including Billy the Kid were out shot by just one man.

GEORGE SCARBOROUGH – George is known for being the man who killed the man who killed the famous man…John Wesley Harden.

CHARLES M. RUSSELL I & II – Charles Russell was a cowboy who just happened to be an artist.  But, when he met Nancy Cooper, things changed.

SEMINOLE-NEGROES – A most unusual military unit, they were tenacious in hunting down the marauding Comanche.

NATE CHAMPION – Nate, like many settlers, was one tough person in a conflict with cattlemen.

SHOPPING SERVICE – The convenience of having someone shop for you isn’t new.  It took place back in 1869.

MASTERSON-PEACOCK SHOOTOUT – James Masterson got into trouble, and his brother, Bat, came to his rescue.

PAT GARRETT’S BOOK – Pat Garrett wrote a book about his conflict with Billy the Kid.  He hoped it would make him famous.  Unfortunately, the book made Billy the Kid famous.

POLITICIAN CUSTER – Militarily Custer saw the saw the enemy and attacked.  Political Custer tried the same thing, but it didn’t work.

DENVER’S FIRE – As with most tragedies, Denver’s fire brought out the best and the worst from men.

DEACON JIM MILLER – Jim Miller man was known as Deacon Miller and Killer Miller.  And both names were correct.

CHIEF COMPA – Compa was a friend of a trader named John Johnson.  When Johnson decided to make some extra money by dealing in scalps, Compa’s was one of the first he took.

JESSE JAMES MARRIED I & II – Jesse James’ marriage to his first cousin was quite an affair.  Even the Pinkertons showed up.

PETER LASSEN – There are those people who aspire to be the president of a country.  Peter Lassen wanted to start his own country. (The picture is of Peter Lassen.)

ZEBULON PIKE – Although Zebulon Pike was a successful explorer, it seems his success was in spite of his miscalculations.

MEDICINE LODGE HOLDUP – Like many a holdup, the Medicine Lodge Bank holdup seems to have gone wrong from the very beginning.

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