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The March 2012 line-up: Morgan Earp

HARRISON-LEVY SHOOTOUT – Although the movies show the fastest on the draw the winner in shootouts, the results of this shootout were more typical of the Old West.

KING FISHER & BEN THOMPSON KILLED – Friends, Fisher and Thompson went out for an evening on the town.  They ended up being filled with lead.

BEN KILPATRICK – When outlaws got old, they sometimes lost respect from others.  But none was treated the way Ben Kilpatrick was.

BOB PAUL – The robbers of the Benson-Tombstone stage failed in their objectives, but the robbery did become one of the major factors in the O. K. Corral shootout.

COWBOYS GO ON STRIKE – Even though they have the tradition of “riding for the brand,” in 1883 some cowboys went on strike.  If you know cowboys, you know the outcome.

LARCENA PAGE I & II – Frontier women had it rough.  But none endured more than Larcena, and overcame.

YOUNGERS & PINKERTONS TANGLE – The railroads, tired of the Youngers holding them up, put the Pinkerton Detective Agency on their trail.  The first encounter between the two groups was interest.

JUDGE ROY BEAN – The story of “the law west of the Pecos,” a man who was actually just a Justice of the Peace.

BONNEY-WALLACE MEETING – Billy the Kid and New Mexico Governor Wallace had worked out an agreement that made both men happy.  Unfortunately, if just didn’t work out.

COMANCHE COUNCIL HOUSE MEETING – Three Comanche chiefs came in for peace talks.  Unfortunately, instead of peace, the meeting resulted in death on both sides.

CHARLES STOBIE – Although born to a well-to-do New England family, Charles became a Westerner through-and-through, as well as an outstanding artist.

BILL MINER – Although Bill Miner isn’t well known today, while holding up a stage, he coined a phrase that is used to this day by outlaws.

MORGAN EARP KILLED – (The picture is of Morgan Earp) - The youngest of the Earp brothers involved in the O. K. Corral Shootout had barely healed from his shootout wounds when he was shot again, and killed.

CLINT BARKLEY – This is another brother-in-law story.  In the end Barkley’s brothers-in-law were either killed in scrapes or hanged by vigilantes.

HORRELL BROTHERS – Everywhere the Horrell brothers went, they created havoc.  But, eventually the law and vigilantes caught up with them.

CURLY BILL BROCIUS – Curly Bill was one of the cowboys at the time of the O. K. Shootout.  But, when it came to his end, there are a number of stories.

BRONCHO BILLY ANDERSON – The movie industry’s first cowboy star set the standard for cowboy stars to come.

GEROME W. SHIELD – Even though they walked on different sides of the law, Gerome and neighbor Thomas Ketchum were in contact throughout their lives, even to the point that Black Jack Ketchum was hanged.

BOAT STOLEN – Future President Theodore Roosevelt showed the determination necessary to become the President when his small rowboat was stolen.

STEAMBOAT YELLOWSTONE – John Jacob Astor was an industrialist before the term was coined.  Realizing money could be made through proper distribution, he revolutionized the fur trade.

DR. YORK DISAPPEARS – The Bender family ran an inn in Cherryvale, Kansas.  Unfortunately, for many people, including Dr. York, it was their last meal.

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