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The February 2012 line-up: Frederick Remington

BELLE STARR – Born Myra Maybelle Shirley, this "Bandit Queen" choose the wrong man time and time again.

TREATY OF GUADALUPE – Following the war with Mexico the United States paid Mexico 15 million dollars, and in return they got California, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado.

GORDON W. LILLIE – Although not as well known, Lillie was a more successful showman than Buffalo Bill Cody.

THEY AVOIDED BEING HANGED – The wife of the man killed stopped a lynching in its tracks. But not in the way you may think.

JOHN DALY – John is another example of a lawman that augmented his income by being an outlaw on the side. But the citizens of Aurora, Nevada wouldn't put up with it, and they took care of the situation with a length of rope.

ABILENE, KANSAS – Abilene was the king of the cattle towns, until they told the cattlemen and cowboys not to come back.

DAWES SEVERALTY ACT – Here is another instance where the U.S. government, in its attempt to help the Indian, only created a bigger problem.

LUKE-COURTRIGHT SHOOTOUT – The strangest thing happened when Luke Short and Longhair Courtright got into a shootout. And, because of that, the first one to draw ended up dead.

ELIZABETH CUSTER – Quite possibly the wisest move George Armstrong Custer ever made was to marry Elizabeth Bacon.

SAMUEL CUMMINGS – Unfortunately for Cummings, his brother-in-law was Dallas Stoudenmire. And this brother-in-law caused some tough times for Cummings.

ARIZONA RANGERS – Although they aren’t as well known as the Texas Rangers, the Arizona Rangers were even more important to the future of their state.

OLIVE OATMAN I & II – At the age of 13 Olive was kidnapped by Indians. After five years of captivity, with tattoos on her face, she returned to white civilization to live a full life.

DAVE RUDABAUGH – During his life Dave was involved with a number of famous people. But he wasn't the center of attraction until after his death.

WASHAKIE – While other tribes were trying to kill the white man as he came out west, Washakie and Shoshone band assisted them, and ended up receiving special favors.

SEQUOHAH – Although not formally educated, Sequohah was able to create a written language for the Cherokee people.

HENRY STARR I & II – Although not as well known as other outlaws, Henry robbed more banks than any other outlaw.

FREDERIC REMINGTON – Although he lived only 48 years Remington brought the authentic west to the world with his 2,500 paintings, 25 bronzes and thousands of words.

(Picture is of Frederic Remington)

POKER ALICE – Although Alice Ivers became one of the Old West's most famous poker players, madams and saloon owners, her establishments were always closed on Sundays.

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