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Chronicle of the Old West presents..

Old West Books

Books by Ben Traywick:Ben Traywick Books

BenTraywick is the Tombstone, Arizona official Town Historian, a world-renowned authority on Tombstone Arizona history, and noted author and consultant.  He has researched original Arizona history for 42 years. His collection of Tombstone material which includes Wyatt Earp, 'Doc' Holliday, the O.K. Corral fight, and many others, is the best in existence.

Click HERE for a list of all of Ben's books.


Books by Bob Alexander:Bob Alexander Books

Bob Alexander is one of the most renowned historians of the Old West. A native Texan and veteran lawman, Bob retired as a special agent with the US Treasury Department and began a second career as an author.

The National Outlaw/Lawman History Association honored Alexander in 2004 with its Literary Award for Outstanding Contributions to Western Historical Writing.

Click HERE for a list of all of Ben's books.