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Bob Alexander Books

"Sheriff Harvey Whitehill" by Bob AlexanderSheriff Harvey Whitehill by Bob Alexander

Bob Alexander shows that not only was Harvey Whitehill a major figure in the annals of the of the Old West, he shows as well that the Sheriff’s home ground of Silver City, New Mexico, rivals Tombstone, Dodge City and Deadwood as a hotbed of outlaw-lawman history.

A great biography of this 19th century Grant County, NM, sheriff. Whitehill jailed Billy the Kid, knew the infamous rustler John Kinney, lived through the Apache Wars and beat Pat Garrett at the polls.

Bob Alexander is one of the most renowned historians of the Old West. A native Texan and veteran lawman, Bob retired as a special agent with the US Treasury Department and began a second career as an author. The National Outlaw/Lawman History Association honored Alexander in 2004 with its Literary Award for Outstanding Contributions to Western Historical Writing. He also won the 2007 Outstanding Book on Outlaw/Lawman History award. The honor, presented at the annual convention of the Western Outlaw/Lawman History Association (WOLA) in Cheyenne, Wyo., was for Alexander's book "Desert Desperadoes".

Bob Alexander will custom sign your copy of "Sheriff Harvey Whitehill". There will be a box on the shopping cart page for your remarks regarding the signature.

Soft Cover: 315 pages

$21.95 - includes shipping and handling

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