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Chronicle of the Old West May 2014We publish one of the most unique historical publications on the market today.  It’s a monthly newspaper composed of actual articles from 1800’s newspapers.  You would swear it was found in your great grandfather’s old trunk. 

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Chronicle of the Old West Radio ShowsWe air a daily and weekly radio show heard on approximately 250 radio stations across America.  Each weekday Dakota tells a story about a person or event from the Old West.  He also has a weekly hour long show where he talks to experts about the Old West. 

Click here for a list of the radio stations and air times.



Dakota LivesayWe have a weekly syndicated newspaper column.  The column is provided to newspapers at no charge.  Advise us if you feel your local newspaper would be interested in publishing the column.

This Week in the Old West Weekly NewsletterWant to know what happened this week back in the Old West?  We have an email column called “This Week In The Old West?”  Each Sunday morning subscribers receive an email with a story about an event that happened the current week in the Old West.  The subscription is free. 



Dog JakeTo provide you with western attire and home accessories, we have an on-line western store.  The store is as unique as its name.  The web address is  You can call the store at 888/DOG-JAKE.

Living the Code by Dakota LivesayMost Americans today feel our country has lost its core values.  Dakota has written a book entitled "Living The Code."  The book tells us about seven precepts that, if adhered to, will change a person’s life.






Cowboy to CowboyAt Cowboy to Cowboy we're dedicated to sharing information about the history of our American West, a time better known to all as the Old West.

We regularly update Cowboy To Cowboy with information about what happened some 125 years ago as well as what's happening today as it relates to the Old West.


Our ContestsEach month there is a new Louis L'Amour Trivia question. A winner from the correct answers is chosen, and sent a Louis L'Amour merchandise item. At the end of the year an annual winner it selected from the 12 monthly winners. The annual winner gets a complete set of Louis L'Amour books valued at $625.

Our MerchandiseOur store contains three CD's with stories about
"Gunfights of the Old West"
"Women of the Old West"
"Tombstone, Arizona Territory."

It also has CD's of Dakota Livesay's syndicated Daily radio shows.

We also have books by one of todays best known non-fiction western history authors, Ben Traywick.

In addition to radio, we educate people about the history of the Old West through television and personal appearances. Dakota does story segments for City 4 TV. City 4 TV makes these segments available to other TV stations.

For samples of the segments go to and search Dakota Livesay or Chronicle of the Old West.

Dakota also gives personal presentations to groups and he MC's events.

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